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Mech Crusaders is free to play, but it's not free to keep online. VIC Players or 'Very Important Commanders' are those that support the game financially, keeping it available for all players and funding it's continued development. In return, they receive advantages in the game, helping them build their commander faster. Interested? Read on…

VIC Days are a cheap, great way to support the game, with a huge list of minor improvements to your gameplay. Pack Credit let's you get clearer advantages in the form of extra Energy, Upgrade Center operations, Minerals and/or New Command Points, or sold at the Market Place to other players for Credits.

Everyone's Loyalty Bonus is full at 50% until our new Loyalty system is introduced - so you get 50% more PC for your money…

Heighten your potential… Buy Energy

4 Max. Energy
Also includes Energy
8 Max. Energy
Also includes Energy
12 Max. Energy
Also includes Energy
Max. Energy:   Bonus PC & Included Energy calculated on Add

Enrich your advancement… Buy Upgrade Center Operations

12,000 UC Ops
Use them on any mech, any time, for no energy…
24,000 UC Ops
Use them on any mech, any time, for no energy…
36,000 UC Ops
Use them on any mech, any time, for no energy…
UC Ops:   Bonus PC calculated on Add

Raise your prospects… Buy Minerals

Minerals worth 1,500,000,000 Cr   Includes all of the following: 25,114,313 Zn,
16,342,887 Cu, 1,619,594 Pt & 410,366 Ex…
Minerals worth 4,500,000,000 Cr   Includes all of the following: 75,342,939 Zn,
49,028,661 Cu, 4,858,784 Pt & 1,231,098 Ex…
Minerals worth 13,500,000,000 Cr   Includes all of the following: 226,028,819 Zn,
147,085,985 Cu, 14,576,354 Pt & 3,693,294 Ex…
Spend: $
Add to Basket →
Spend: $
Add to Basket →
Spend: $
Add to Basket →
Spend: $
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Establish your position... Buy VIC

20 New Command Points
Get more commander skills, now…
36 VIC Days
For the full list of benefits, click here…
$25 Pack Credit   Use them later in any area (Energy, UC Ops, Command Points,
VIC Days & Minerals) or sell them on the Market Place for Cr…
Pack Credit: $   Your loyalty bonus will be included when you click add!

Alternative Payment Methods
We support direct bank transfers, checks or you can pay with cash from thousands of locations worldwide with MoneyGram. Mail FleckerMan (11112) for details.

Pay securely online with PayPal, the faster, safer way to pay. You don't need a PayPal account to pay with a Credit or Debit card through PayPal. Payments direct from your bank account are also accepted through PayPal with a little setup.

No money? No problem... VIC Days and Pack Credit are available for in-game Credits in the Market Place. This supports the game indirectly, as other players purchase them to sell!